• I like the plugin alot but i have some issues & features request.

    1. SLOW – plugin become very slow when lot of plugins & groups (around 100) – group assignment, page loading, etc everything becomes very slow (more than 600 db queries) – fully ajax + one json in database to write/read/update is a way to go i think.
    2. WRONG FACTS – if plugins are removed (whether uninstalled or folder removed) facts (total plugins in group,etc) shows figures including those who were once assigned that group but subsequently removed from the website.
    3. MULTISITE SUPPORT – single settings accross all sites in network but managed from every site (i was able to do this by making little change in code though)
    4. QUICK ENABLE/DISABLE – although different thing altogether but can acompany with this plugin better – functionality like this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/plugin-toggle

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