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  • solidfan


    My true hero and idol has launched a new website which he claims is built on the WordPress theme “Blix”.. But when I checked how Blix looks it is almost NOTHING that is similar, only the main layout. Look for yourself;

    Is this really Blix?! I asked if I could get a copy of the theme but he said I could not since “lots of elements are hardcoded into the templates”. What does this mean? How can I make Blix look as cool as ?

    Please help and I will be forever thankful!


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    He says so:
    Theme Name: Andreas
    Theme URI:
    Description: Based on "Blix" by Sebastian Schmieg.
    Version: 0.9.1
    Author: Andreas Viklund
    Author URI:

    Horizontal navbar:
    will be a start ?



    Good link!! Thankyou podz.. But The gradients, 3dimensional effects, shades and dotted links.. Its all so different… I tried to change the stylesheet files for my own site and failed miserably.. 🙂 What does “hardcoded” mean?



    Hardcoded means – not generated by a script, but coded manually.
    If you have difficulties in ubderstanding such basic things like dotted underline on hover… I’d suggest you to stay away from blix. It isn’t easy to modify, especially for newbies.



    Thanks moshu.. I will honestly follow that advice… Andreas has a knowlegde way over my beginner dreams. but now I understand why he would not share his theme. Thank you again for helping out!



    I would encourage experimentation, solidfan, it’s a great way to learn. Just be sure to make a good back-up copy of the CSS to begin with (and any files you edit), then make tiny single changes and check those changes on different browsers as you go, one at a time, going very slowly and methodically. Learning it will empower you.

    Hard-coding could mean he has added inline style information right in the template files, or has taken out site variables and written them in (site name, description, etc.), or it could mean he has added classes and IDs to elements that the default template files do not have. It could also mean some styling was actually done with HTML using strong, em, b, i, and small elements, and maybe even some headings (though I doubt the latter is the case).

    The latter is what I did in my recent “Beast Blog” theme release It has custom classes in addition to what’s provided, thus the theme has some hard-coding. In my version of the theme (v.1.0) for my own use, I have a number of hard-coded items that wouldn’t be easy for someone to use. The release version (v.1.1) isn’t like this as it was designed specifically as a public theme.



    i did some modification of the Blix theme on my website, there are 4 themes on the site. one is pretty much the blix theme exactly and 2 are pretty modified.



    Good answers, I really like the “beast blog”!! But now I plan to not use the blix theme, but instead use the free templates found on to make a theme from scratch or by editing kubrick to fit the designs. It is not for public use.. Just to learn!

    davekoen, nice to see another polyphonic spree fan! 🙂



    Just asking first, could not find answers with search.. Has any of the templates at the above adress been made into a WordPress theme?



    There will be a number of theme releases on that page soon. Not only for wordpress but for etomit CMS and other Blogs.. describe what goes on!! Theme pros here should support this, I like those designs seriously much….

    I also have my own theme, modified from the awesome Blix theme. But, you’ll see, it doesnt look like it. If you have any comment or idea(I’m always trying to add new stuff to my blog) please tell me. BTW, the blog is in french.

    Technically you could say my website is based on Blix, but I have rewritten so much of the style and code that the only thing really left that resembles Blix is the contact page and the code behind my paging and comments.

    Yup, WarAxe, that’s an understatement. I absolutely would never have believed it…. yours is super cool, and I don’t LIKE Blix….

    gatoboy, that was amazing too. And WarAxe as well. You guys rock. I feel like a no-talent loser! 🙂 One day i will know how to actualy do something good myself too. But now I have found a new favorite theme.. Exquisite. Hard to spell name and nice look but poor on features. I still like the contact page and archives in Blix. One big mess… Damn code and damn my lack of talent! 🙂

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