• This is the coolest syndication tool I have ever seen. Newswire has figured out a way to broadcast content through Newswire directly from your blog. 1 Click from your blog and that’s it.

    The applications of this are only limited by the imagination. I am presently using this as a way to convert my Amazon Book into a blog, broadcasting from my blog through Newswire’s distribution, various chapters and articles about the book.

    My traffic, engagement and email capture from this is through the roof, and now I see this becoming its own niche business.

    If you have content and are looking have a contextual conversation, this is the hottest tool on the market today.

    Also love the free training Newswire provides with this and the support community of over 1,000 users who share best practices and new ideas. This is the most authentic and helpful community in the space.

    Happy I found Newswire.net and this amazing new tool. You guys rock!!!

    Oh here is the Newswire support community. https://plus.google.com/communities/113540556871989401505

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