• It works great and is beautifully done on mobile! Good work!

    i would love to be able to insert my twitter handle into the tweet so that i can get a ping when they comment/share. this way, this would be the MAIN way to let people comment, and i can reply via twitter.

    love to be able to turn each service on or off also.


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  • Plugin Author jcvangent


    Thanks for the kind words!

    The ability to add your Twitter handle into the tweets is something we’ve built into this plugin:


    And also giving you the option to choose your URL shortener etc. together with a whole bunch of other features which helps you do lead generation from your WordPress website. It’s a plugin we (a good friend of myself and me) started building over the last couple of months to help you increase traffic and get better info and understanding of those visitors to help you convert them into qualified leads. The code base is very small and I’m sure you will like it!

    P.S. the ability to turn on and off different services is not in there yet byt might be a good idea!

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