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  • We’re ready to raise our SEO game but – like most people – I loathe doing it and am a long way from expert. Few of our authors even bother to fill in the basics so, as far as possible, I set defaults that should do at least some good.

    After suffering a long, hard trawl through all the Google Schema guidance I was ready to commit violence. It was time to find a plugin that actually understands this stuff and could help me create universal settings. I tried five; WP-SSO was the most comprehensive and offered a wide range of pre-set options – with in-page advice, which was pretty essential!

    I paid for WP-SSO Pro so that I could tweak some options, and JSON-LD Markup Pro because it allows authors to amend output per post, should they wish. The free Core plugin (this one) is good enough, it’s just that I want to be able to leave the whole thing alone now it’s set up.

    Why only four stars?

    1. Being comprehensive means setup is not easy, despite all the guidance. It took me the best part of a day.
    2. The image requirements are a nightmare – this isn’t JS Morisset’s fault, it’s a Schema thing, but he does assume a degree of foundation knowledge that I lack. (I eventually figured out that I should upload a massive site logo and set it as the fallback image.)
    3. The plugin complains like hell if images don’t meet all the requirements. Ours don’t. I’ve turned off all warnings and disabled them via wp-config, but the plugin still spams me with alerts at times. *Resolved – see below.

    This is an app that can meet professional SEO standards, so it’s not surprising that I’ve encountered some difficulties. It’s yielding really good social media results – nothing exciting on Google yet, but we’re fairly niche so we’d have to publish a real blockbuster to catch its attention, I suppose. If/when that happens, we’re providing full & valid structured data for its crawling pleasure!

    Several of the free SEO plugins (such as WP-Meta SEO) give spaces for social structured data per post. This does work and, if you’re a single-author blog with a little extra time, would be sufficient. Ours are what you might call medium requirements; I think this plugin was the only sanity-saving choice. If you’re an SEO whizz-kid you will love it.

    ADDED: Solution to image warning spam

    After messaging JS at cross-purposes for ages, it turned out the answer’s quite simple!

    Images you upload should always be 1200px or more in width to future proof your media. Right now, Facebook wants 1200px images, but that will change and eventually they will want 1600px or more – it all depends on the resolution of laptops, phones, etc.

    If you don’t want to check / create meta tags on the media editing / attachment page, uncheck “Media” under the SSO > Advanced > Custom Meta > Add SSO Metabox to option.

    And that’s it! Message flood stopped 🙂 I still have “force image check” turned off, and warnings disabled. WP-SSO is now quietly doing its things, as hoped.

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 9 months ago by cherryaustin.
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