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  • Am I the only one who isn’t really liking the new 2.0 version?

    Its missing some useful features that the previous version had and things are too cluttered, especially in the page where you write a new post… you used to have everything right there on the page…the category selection, the author selection, etc…now you have to click the lil boxes on the side to get to them… sorry, there are some features of the new version that are cool, but its not really all that user friendly…

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  • I hate clicking on those boxes as well.Overall I’m not ready to write home to Mama about it either.The text editor thing is gawd awful as well.I do like the upload feature though.


    I don’t like how it adds those paragraph and break tags when and where you don’t want them too… It makes it frustrating when editing…

    as for the upload feature, i like that its there with the write post, but, i don’t like that you don’t have the options for it as in the previous version.

    Overall, I think that its still needed more testing before being released as a final version.

    Les Bessant


    keeper of the Tiggers

    You should be able to arrange the various boxes in the posting screen to your liking, opening the ones you need, and leaving closed the ones you don’t. Provided you have no issues with cookies and JavaScript working, WP should remember the positions and state of the boxes.

    The rich text editor was the first thing I turned off – the not too obvious location for the tickbox is in each user’s profile, as well as a “default” setting in options. I’d prefer to see that on the actual posting page, where I suspect more people would find it without getting lost…

    The upload feature is a little too inflexible for me, so I’ll be sticking with FTP for that kind of thing.

    For now, WP2.0 stays on my test site.

    I think the upload feature with the tiny thumbnails being only one size, tiny, was so you could browse them. If they had different sizes, it wouldn’t work. And with tiny thumbs, people might put more pics in their posts, drag and drop. WYSIWYG. It does work in Camino but is really frustrating to someone that likes raw html cause it’s more limited. Reminds me of Netscape Composer.

    And the interface is all javascript. The WYSIWYG uses TinyMCE for the backend and it is not created by Matt.

    Oh, and once the little boxes are clicked, they stay clicked. One nice feature is thumbnails for the themes. None of this means I like it. I don’t and will stay with 1.5 for my main blog.

    It looks good, more compact, what I don’t use remains closed. Perfect.

    I can’t even get some of the boxes to expand. I can no longer see Trackbacks, Custom Fields, or Optional Excerpt.

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