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  • consider this board.. why isn’t your own member stats linked on the side bar? like if i click on the “member” link next to my post, it will send me to a page with lots of my info.. i can’t seem to find a link like that on the sidebar. am i missing something?

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  • without that link i will always have to find my post first before i can reach the link. (it’s hard to find my post if i don’t post often and there isn’t a search by author option) tho i got i bookmarked right now but what if i use a public computer in a lab like i do all the time?

    en, I have the same confusion.

    I guess that it would be a good idea to have a link like that somewhere, but it’s not absolutely necessary is it?

    Yes, nothing should be ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. But if we can make life better, why not?

    There was no need to get annoyed about it.

    annoyed.. not really.. just don’t understand i guess. it’s something so simple that a developer could add to make life so much easier for members.. what’s holding them back? if i know who writes the code for this board, i’d like to contact them. maybe they just overlooked??




    You have your choice…. and we’ve gone down this road before on other issues about this board. But here’s your choice: The devs can concentrate on getting the next version of WP out, or they can stop what they are doing, wade through the code for the forums (which they didn’t write) and see if there is a way. Sometimes the simplist request isn’t so easy to solve.
    I remember mine is 759 so I load the forum homepage, and then append a /user/759 to it as and when required.
    Hope that helps.

    ok i assumed they wrote this board. i haven’t seen it anywhere else. why don’t they use a more advanced board like invision?

    You’ll see near the top:
    “Logged as: -your username- ร‚ยป Logout”
    If you click on your username, you get your profile page.
    Same thing on any new topic/reply forms.
    But it would be nice if that link was globally available, OR had a link to it from the Preferences which you can click on on the sidebar.
    MiniBB is the forum. It’s made by MiniBB.Net. They picked it because its mini. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And they make little alterations as they go — less time modding/fixing a forum, more time on WP.
    I like minibb’s mininess – and the rss feeds for topics. (But it would be nicer to be able tell what’s read/unread.)

    aw thanks for pointing that out to me. i know i’m missing something. coz it just doesn’t make sense that they don’t link it somewhere.

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