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  • I hate to sound paranoid, but: Am I on some sort of do-not-respond blacklist around here? My help questions typically get NO response whatsoever. Take a look via my profile:

    It’s not like I’m posting 10 inane requests a day. I try to be thorough in describing what I’m looking for, and only post after looking through the Codex etc. I’d like to think that my questions are so arcane that no one can answer them, but that can’t be it (can it?).

    It’s really frustrating to come here for topic-specific help and get absolutely no feedback. I’ve avoided bumping questions and such, so I don’t know what to do otherwise to solicit some sort of response.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    There is no blacklist.
    I’ve not yet looked at your posts (I will) but reasons for posts not being answered would include:
    – wanting something very unique
    – writing what you want in a way that we cannot understand what you mean
    – no posting enough information
    I don’t know if this applies to you – it may not.

    And as for bumping – yes it is frowned upon but if you can use the bump to include lots more info, things you have tried, places you have looked that may help get some answers.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Hmm……2 posts were unanswered.

    Thanks for the responses on those two most recent requests.

    I’d count this one: as a non-response, since I don’t consider “just upgrade” (or similar quickie-but-shallow advice) to be particularly helpful. I also had enough non-responses under a previous login name that pretty much built up to this.

    But you see that it took this rant post to get any action here. Got to be an easier way.

    popstat – sometimes that’s the answer….. and it wasn’t a “just upgrade” response…. it maynot seem helpful, but when you are three versions behind, it makes it hard for anyone to help. And thay may be the reason you aren’t getting the reponses you think you deserve.


    Sorry, I don’t buy that. I see a lot of instance where people here use “just upgrade” as a stock response, used solely to add one’s two cents, when that’s not related to the problem at hand (i.e. layout things etc.). I realize you run the risk of being left behind by sticking with a prior version; on the other hand, I see no reason to continually upgrade just for the sake of it, when any problems that crop up aren’t related to version number (and in fact, when upgrading brings on more headaches than it solves).

    For me, the point is moot, as I’m now running a fairly up-to-date version ( But upgrading is definitely not the cure-all.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “But upgrading is definitely not the cure-all.”
    There is code out there that can wipe out your blog.
    You choose.

    And please remember that no-one here is paid. This is free support.

    Moderator James Huff


    Contrary to popular believe, “just upgrade” is a common solution, and works at least 50% of the time. Not mention that it also keeps you safe from the known security vulnerabilities that exist before the upgrade’s release. If “just upgrade” did not work for you, please respond to that fact, and we will help you find the proper solution.

    Also, due to the volume of posts of this forum and the volunteer nature of its staff, we cannot support obsolete versions of WordPress.

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