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  • I have only asked two questions in this forum, and one was months ago. STILL there is no replies. The other, posted last night, has no replies either.

    So I log in today and start loking through the recent questions posted, and I see all kinds of people getting help within a mater of an hour or two.

    So what is the deal? Are my questions not valid? Are they beneath you all? Do I need ot find another source of information for WordPress…someplace besides the FRIGGIN WORDPRESS FORUM????

    This sux

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  • You are welcome to look for other sources of info.

    How it works is thusly:

    We are all volunteers. We are all in different timezones. Nobody ‘works’ here, people who can offer help show up when they can and try to help.

    So, you ask a question – if nobody with expertise on that particular area is logged on, the question goes unanswered.

    Some of us look for titles that look like we cknow something about the issue – so descriptive titles help (Not saying yours wasn’t, I haven’t looked)

    Some volunteers use the ‘no replies’ link

    I just looked at one of your questions which appears to be completely plugin related – is it?

    Plugins each have their own section in the forums that can be accessed from the plugni page. That gets the attention of the plugni dev. If you don’t use that, they don’t know. And most of us probably don’t know about these plugins.

    In the ned, it’s all about how you ask your question,and who is logged on at that time. We really do try to anser as much as we can….

    If you don’t find the free, volunteer, support here fast enough you can check out, or the #wordpress IRC channel on Freenode.

    Or hire someone from

    But you get what you get here. 🙂

    (BTW, if you were blacklisted, you’d not be able to post 😉 )

    I understand that everyone here is a volunteer, but my first query was posted 10 months ago. That’s not exactly the same as “not fast enough.” That’s a long time ago.

    My first post was about a specific plugin, but no one even replied to tell me about the plugins section of the site.

    The last post I made was about how wordpress structures the URLs.

    It’s just a little frustrating when you have sites that need attention and you ask questions in the one place where people can help, but no one answers. It’s even more frustrating when you see much more complicated questions being answered all around, but the question you asked is sill “no replies”

    Chris Olbekson


    Level 12 Bug Squasher & Forum Moderator

    Both of your questions relate to some specific plugins obscure plugins that probably not many people use or know anything about. Nether of your questions are very clear.

    I would suggest reading this: Then come back with some specific questions that can be answered without having to know about your specific plugins.

    no Chris. Read it again. I explained why I needed to know something, and that was due to a plugin, but the actual question was: How do I find out what the actual URL is for a page…you know…the URL that has the .php extension for the page. WordPress strips that out.

    Chris Olbekson


    Level 12 Bug Squasher & Forum Moderator

    How do I find out what the actual URL is for a page…you know…the URL that has the .php extension for the page. WordPress strips that out.

    WordPress doesn’t use actual .php files as pages. It uses a system called template hierarchy

    The “url” will always either be where xxxx is the page or post id or the url will be whatever is set in your permalink settings.

    @chisao101, I agree that a lot of questions go unanswered, which I am sure is frustrating, but it isn’t personal. Here is my list of things to consider when asking a question, and working through a problem. It does duplicate some things already posted. If– if and only if– I see your topic these will help you get a solution,

    1. Use a descriptive title. I do scan these and titles like ‘HELP ME PLEASE!!!!’ may not get help.
    2. Describe your problem with as much detail as you can. Sometimes I feel like asking for more information, sometimes I don’t. That may sound harsh but it is a waste of my time to ask basic things like, “What plugin are you talking about?”
    3. If you have an URL that is accessible from the web, post it. If you don’t have an accessible URL, say so up front.
    4. Don’t start by complaining about the forums or about WordPress.
    5. Don’t bump your own post. I look for ‘no replies’ topics. If you bump your post it falls off of that list. Also, it is against forum rules.
    6. I know you are probably frustrated, but be nice. I work for free here. I will leave you hanging if you get rude.
    7. Answer the questions that are asked of you. You wouldn’t be here if you knew what you were doing so don’t second guess my questions. I will leave you hanging if you refuse to give me the information I need.
    8. It is best to note your experience level. I will respond differently depending on your ability, if I know what that ability is.
    9. Search the forum and the Codex. I may not answer a question that has already been answered dozens of times, and I may not answer something that is already in the Codex
    10. The previous rule is triply true if you identify yourself as a developer or other web professional. Frightened and flustered amateurs get more leeway. Again, harsh, but true.
    11. If I insult you by telling you something you already know, please remember that I have no idea who you are or what you know. If you make helping painful, I will ignore you in the future. Sorry, I work for free here.
    12. Start your own topic. Your problem is almost certainly unique.
    13. Don’t start multiple topics. I hate getting five posts in to have the thread closed as a duplicate.
    14. Theme and plugin questions are sometimes difficult. I don’t use any released themes and few released plugins.
    15. I typically do not respond to questions like “Is there a plugin that…?” Look in the plugin repo. If it is there, it is. If it isn’t there, I can’t find it either.
    16. I typically do not respond to similar theme questions for the same reason.
    17. If you need something highly specialized and very complex, and you are not a web programmer, you probably need more help than can be provided here.
    18. If you need something highly specialized and very complex, and you are a web programmer, you’d better have code enough to demonstrate a good faith effort.

    Sorry guys…frustration got the better of me.

    I took a look at the template hierarchy before I posted that question, and I understood it to a point, but I tried a few things based on what I read there and that did not help. I’m starting to wonder now if it was a cookie issue. Like maybe when you visit the url with the ?ref=xxxx it may set a cookie so that you just end up on the home page the next visit.

    Does that sound crazy? Or like it could be a possible answer?

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