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  • I have a form which is just adapting one of the examples and it’s relatively straight forward, using the discount function.

    it calculates everything correctly on the page and the totals are correct. the discounts are applied. However when you go to the checkout page it recalculates the discount. It also recalculates the discount from the total figure rather than the user input figure.

    ie user input 25

    multiplies by a factor of 2 giving a value of £50 – then deducts 10% because the user input is 25. any value between 20 and 30 triggers this.

    result on page £45 perfect, brilliant, thank you for a good form

    go to checkout because this is a that a bookable product that I want paying for and needs to go through woocommerce.

    it then recalculates the discount and it calculates from the total not the user input to boot.

    That is 25 multiplied by two to give 50. It then takes the discount at 30%, which is the trigger for any value above 41.
    I have not built this form but is the example downloaded from the ezform site with the only thing that I have changed being the factor number.

    surely this isn’t working or am I being so incredibly thick and missing something. I’ve been through every permutation on the form and checked and rechecked, raised it as a previous topic and contacted support but no response. I can see why other people get angry at stuff like this. I bought this form for one job and it’s not doing it and I have tried to make sure it’s not me and I genuinely need support and the author keeps ignoring me.

    So can anyone else please help, if I am doing something wrong Tell me?

    Kind regards

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