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  1. yli58014
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I scheduled for a daily backup but when I check the next day, it says unexpected error. What is wrong? Does the router need to be plugged in and the computer on? Too much data? Please help!!

  2. Online Backup
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi yli58014,

    Your WordPress site does need to be receiving visits while the backup takes place - this is what triggers WordPress scheduling and allows the backup to run. If WordPress scheduling stops working (no visitors) then the backup can't run properly so it can get unexpected stop (the plugin aborts backup if it runs for too long.)

    Not much can be done except make sure the site gets visitors that can push the backup through in the background - or configure WordPress scheduling so it can use a crontab daemon. This is a program that will run WordPress jobs every few minutes, meaning you don't need to rely on visitors. The computer will still need to be switched on, however.

    Search google for "wordpress crontab" if you want to go down the crontab route.

    In future version of plugin we'll also be removing unexpected stop - backup will run for as long as it needs, and go on forever waiting for WordPress schedules to run! - so we'll add a "Stop" button to the backup progress instead :-) This should fix most unexpected stop and just result in very slow backups instead, which will probably finish as you are logging into wp-admin (it triggers WordPress schedules!)

    Hope this enough information!


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