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  • I had originally installed this along w/ the theme but have had nothing but problems and conflicts with the social and other line icons on desktop vs. mobile. It’ll either work on one and not the other. Occasionally they’ll both work and then something else will break it. I finally threw in the towel today and removed it. It’s just not worth fighting with all the time and it’s unpredictable nature.

    Regardless of the fixes the theme author recommends when this happened, it would always revert back to the same thing and not knowing when or why this happens, I’d end up finding the icons broken on mobile when I’d go check, not knowing just how long it’d been like that.

    So my suggestion if you DO use this, check and re-check on product pages and homepage as these icons broke all over the place, especially on mobile. Doing the enable/disable trick in the theme panel didn’t always work. Sometimes there’d be css to enter which would also mess things up if you had certain icon types enabled in the panel. Just a hot mess.

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