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  1. ishaq
    Posted 9 years ago #

    It always shows me off line, Here's the debug information:

    0secs > IM Online v4.4: Debug Enabled
    0secs > Updating Status.
    0secs > 2 statuses to update
    0secs > Attempting server #0
    0secs > URL:http://www.the-server.net:8003/msn/ishaq.malik@gmail.com/onurl=blogs.kahaf.com/ishaq/wp-content/plugins/im-online/online/offurl=blogs.kahaf.com/ishaq/wp-content/plugins/im-online/offline/unknownurl=blogs.kahaf.com/ishaq/wp-content/plugins/im-online/unknown
    0secs > Using (Modified) cURL for request...
    2secs > Redirect: Array
    2secs > Result: offline
    2secs > cURL closed.
    2secs > Valid result: offline
    2secs > End.

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