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  • No matter what I change the settings to, Publish as Links or Publish as Posts it always posts as a link as can be seen at addy below.

    Am I doing something wrong? I have it set to post to page and Publish as Posts but that is all I ever get.

    Also, I use a plugin that automatically sets the featured image to the first one that is used in the post, yet when WPBook lite posts to FB if I don’t manually set a featured image it uses the first one on the page, the logo. Is it possible to get it to use the featured image that is autoset?

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  • Plugin Author John Eckman


    Hmm. How do you know what is published is a link not a post?

    Which items on the page you pointed to were posted by WPBook Lite?

    Do you have enable debugging set, and is a debug log being created?

    I’ll take a look, but the logic for posting as a post versus as a page hasn’t changed recently I don’t think.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    BTW, when you post as a link, Facebook decides which image to show by looking up the url and looking for Open Graph metadata – WPBook Lite has nothing to do with it at that point – all we pass is a url of the post itself

    Similar problem here. The plugin publishes to a page in a wrong format no matter what option is selected. After hitting “save”, the plugin reverts to “publish as posts” option – no way to have “publish as links” selected.

    Published posts are enclosed (wrongly) within a “double frame” on fb.

    Publishing from to


    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Just committed 1.6.3 to the plugin repo which will fix the issue with the setting not being stored.

    Let me know if that doesn’t fix the issue for you.

    That was quick, man!

    I will see things with our next post within a day or so.

    By the way, it might be helpful to have the difference between “publish as post” and “publish as link” summarised on the config page. Users perhaps wonder what’s the effect of the setting, and Uncle Google is not really helpful.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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