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  • Hello,

    I am using Antispam Bee, but every single new comment is marked as CSS Hack. But I did those comment-tests on my own, so there was no hidden field, that I have filled or something. I did a comment when logged in and when not logged in. No difference.

    Might there be a conflict with another plugin? The only plugins that might have something to do with the commentfield are (just a guess):

    – AJAX Comment Loading
    – Email Address Encoder
    – Thank me later
    – Wordfence Security
    – WordPress SEO

    Are there any experiences about conflicts?


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  • Okay… after sending this request I had the idea to deactivate every plugin I listed. And then write a comment, activate one plugin, write a comment and so on. And as I can see, the problem is AJAX Comment Loading.

    When activated every comment is marked as CSS Hack.

    Can this be? Does anyone knows WHY this happens with this plugin activated?

    I have the same problem. Every comment is marked as CSS Hack.
    The following plugins are running:
    – Contact Form Manager
    – FancyBox for WordPress
    – Google Analytics for WordPress
    – Wordfence Security
    – WordPress SEO
    – WP Permalauts
    Deactivating all of them does not help, however, my theme, Jellybean, loads every site using AJAX. Seems like this is similar to meerderideen’s problem.
    Is Antispam Bee incompatible with AJAX loaded sites/comments?

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