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  • Hi, I’ve got a small problem: how can I move WP to always attach certain of my own URI parameters? I’ve build WP into my own page and need it to always attach these parameters to all URIs automatically generated.

    This is especially needed for the font resizing function; it does work quite fine (with WP, too); but when changing the site it is set back to default. And, no, I don’t want any JavaScript or Cookies. 😉 So I just need to know a neat way to tell WP about query parameters I always want to be attached.

    You can have a look at

    TIA, Alex

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  • Maybe I should be a bit more precise:

    I need WordPress to attach &lang=$lang&fontsize=$fontsize to any automatically generated URI. So if a user clicks links within the WP section, the parameters have to be transported. This is needed to transport the fontsize variable, as I don’t want to use JavaScript or Cookies.

    Does anyone know, in which of the WP files I could change it or how else to accomplish that? This may even be quick and dirty solution, I don’t care.


    Which files to edit depends on which functions will need editing. If you’re not sure where to find (or how to search for) them in the source, it would help to know which functions/template tags you’re currently using that you need to have know about your GET values.

    I thought there was a global way to set additional query parameters.
    However, I currently “disabled” (by <!– –>) certain functions, yet I intend to use all of them later on. Although my design won’t be recognizable as WordPress, the engine is completely the same. So it’s _all_ tags I need to know about the GET values.

    Maybe there could/should be a possibility to define own URI parameters in future WP releases; I think I’m going to write some feature request.

    But still I have no solution to my prob. 🙁

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