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  • Since a couple of days, the plugin will display the header image on facebook. No matter what I select in the plugin settings, it will push the header image to facebook. I dug through all the options without luck. Since I did not change anything but upgrade WordPress, I wonder if the plugin is “behind”. WordPress itself states it’s not tested with my current version, but that does not mean it should not work. Please advice.

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  • same here … any solution to this ?

    Same issue here, started this morning. If I figure out anything I’ll report back.

    Ugh. Yes, incredibly annoying. Starting to get very worried about the future of this plugin. Surely related to the FB API change. @tornevall

    I’ve seen a behaviour where Facebook sometimes don’t fetch and cache the site properly, so instead of a header image, nothing shows up at all. I don’t know if the described issue here is the same, but I have solved it by rescraping the site via Facebook debug tools, and then update the post again. Doing this feels like a bit unnecessary.

    It sometimes looks like the post is not published in full until after Facebook robots actually scanned the site, but that’s something I have’nt confirmed. Besides, if the post is not published, there should not be any preview text either to fetch.

    However, I don’t think this plugin can stay on the deprecated graph versions for long. My own failover for a few weeks ago was based on a setting in the plugin, where I used to use the link-api instead of the newer feed. But sooner or later, I guess that will break too, unless it’s not updated.

    So investigating this a bit further – I was a bit lazy last night – it actually seems to be a FB issue.

    Previously, publishing a post to FB would use the specific image selected, or if one wasn’t selected it would fall back to the featured image to display next to the excerpt on FB. (In the ALTF settings, I have it set to ‘Featured Post Image’). However, I also had a default image URL set, just in case and that’s the image that FB is using – but it could also be getting the same image from multiple places, including the bio at the bottom of the page.

    In the page source, the plugin is still adding the correct image to the oopengraph meta tag, but for some reason FB is ignoring this specified image and using the different one instead.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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