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  • Cforms is no longer working for me and since it’s free there is no support and no help seems forthcoming from the deliciousdays forum so I’m about to give up on it as I can’t fix the issues I have with on my own.

    Gravity Forms you have to pay for it before you can even see what it is like 🙁

    Are there any alternatives to these two forms as I can’t seem to find any?

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  • I also finally gave up on Cforms. It was phenomenal, but so complex that it was very sensitive to WP upgrades, other plugins, and so on.

    For me Contact Form 7 is absolutely killer. Not all fancy, but extremely functional, and very robust. The developer releases updates very regularly, too. It’s hot.

    Thanks for the info. Do you know if you can use Contact Form 7 in place of the standard WordPress Comment Form?

    Well it looks like it can’t according to

    I think I’m going to go back to scratch and not use any form plugin and just get my site workign again.

    Note to self – Don’t update plugins or WordPress again until absolutely necessary!

    Now I am cheesed off. I had made a post about a problem I was having with cforms on deliciousdays (cforms own forum) namely when a user would click submit on my comments form they would get the following error all the time “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”.

    I got zero replies to this after a couple of days – ok fair enough, but when I replied saying I’d unfortunately have to go back to using Si-captcha with the in-built WordPress comment form my post got removed!! I mean wow – so you can’t say anything even remotely negative about cforms on their forum it would appear.

    Yeah, welcome to the world of group dynamics – one cannot disturb the prevailing sentiment at any forum, even if you’re polite, I find. 🙂

    And wow, I wouldn’t have weighed in on this if I’d known it was for comments – no clue about what form works with that. sorry!

    Yeah that is very well put – going against the prevailing sentiment seems to be a no-no even if you are polite as you say, which I was btw.

    I actually think in a way it’s a pity that cForms is free – maybe if it wasn’t free I might be able to get support and even be allowed to criticise without having my whole thread deleted.

    FWIW I do think cForms is a superb plugin.

    Anyway I think the regular comments form I’m using is fine with the si-captcha. I’m still using cForms with no problems for my contact form.
    So in te end it’s all good.

    I think the duplicate issue is independent of the plugin you’re using. I have the same problem with the usual wordpress comment system. YOu can check this thread:

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