• Does anyone have an decent alternative plug ins with similar features that is stable? I cant trust my business to this mess. Free/Paid/Subscription bases doesnt matter. I need something stable that works.


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    I’m with you on this. Actually, I’d settle for an alternative where the staff actually respond to all tickets, rather than only selected ones.

    Be a little patient, I know it can be a pain right now. But Um is working hard as we speak to fix issues. And you can always use the old version for now.

    @themedutch It’s gone beyond patience. UM are being incredibly selective in what tickets they respond to, and there is noway something as unstable as 2.0 should have gone live.

    I’m open to suggestions for alternatives. I’d be happy with just something that manages registrations and password management to be honest.

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    I tried rolling back to 1.3 and it actually worked just for a short time. I made a small change to the UM settings and bang, crash. I tried deactivating, reactivating, rolling back again, clearing all caches etc. nothing works. The only thing I can do is deactivate ALL UM plugin/extensions just to keep my website showable. I was so happy with UM for a while. Does anyone have a good (stable) alternative?

    I sympathize and have jumped ship. It took quite a while to set up the alternatives and remove UM, but it is possible. I am using a combination of Members by Justin Tadlock, Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro, Gravity Forms, and GravityView. Some may not need all of those plugins; it depends on the specific features you need to replicate.

    Best wishes. I used to believe in this plugin and was active in this forum, but I lost all confidence.

    You may also have a look at the UltraCommunity plugin.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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