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  • I recently switched web hosting company’s and the new one will not increase their php.ini file upload limit. I tried to modified the .htaccess to allow for larger uploads but they blocked that. So I am unable to upload anything through WordPress thats larger then 2MB. What alternatives do I have? If I simply upload files into the content directory they will never show up in WordPresses media/file manager. Please give me a solution!

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  • No one?




    there isnt a solution to your problem. you get what you get, I guess.

    Anyway for me to drop files into the content folder and still have them show up in the media manager? Like some kind of WordPress directory plugin? I need an alternative way to upload content to the site!



    You could ftp them to your site and then link to the images? Why would you want images of that filesize? Most people try to optimize images before uploading them so that they don’t slow down your load time.
    If your host won’t permit larger filesize for upload there must be restrictions on your monthly bandwidth and storage limitations too. You should look for a host that offers the features you need before you start building.

    I have plenty of bandwidth and plenty of hard drive space. The problem with just dropping them into the content folder is that they will now show up in the manager program. Plus I want other users to be able to upload through the browser as well.

    How about hosting the light web pages on one server and the heavy files on another. Is that possible.


    Why not switch web hosts?

    This host gives me great speeds, unlimited space and bandwidth for 8 bucks a month. I cannot find anything close to that server for the price.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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