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  • Are there any other options for operating paid WP Multisite subsite hosting besides the WPMUDev offer?

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    Paid? How so?

    There are a lot of places that offer managed WP.

    I’m looking for a an admin plugin that will allow me to host multisite subsites. That is what Pro Sites plugin does, but it has some quirks.

    Do you know any other options for managing subsites hosting?

    Hi there @wasana

    What problems are you having etc?



    New Blogs Template isn’t integrated with Pro Sites — can’t execute my business plan without it. Trying to avoid custom programming.


    Let me see what i can do to sort this out, i take it you are trying to set a default template for all new blogs with plugins activated or a different template for each level?



    Hi, thanks

    Different templates for different levels, ideally even different templates for the same level…

    gives the ability to deliver turnkey pre-configured sites for specific niche purposes. plugins, widgets, categories, settings, feeds, even content

    Hi again

    All i can say is this is 100% on the cards but as far as an ETA goes i dont have one as yet. I have spoken to the dev and this is planned but it’s not that easy to get running lots of little tricky issues causing some headaches. However one cool part if it can be done will make a lot of people very very happy 🙂



    Hello there…
    Here is how I did.
    I have whmcs with WordPress provisioning module and new blog template.
    I hired a programmer to link wpmudev wordpress provisioning with new blog templates.
    So, I created each template the way I wanted, went to my whmcs and created each product and setup/defined what new blog template get`s created for that whmcs product.
    I thought that whmcs would give me a better control over billing and management.

    I hope I help expand your horizon.


    Pilot – what was your estimated cost on that?

    I have customized Gforms to do my billing and assign blog templated on new registration, (had to pass the gform value in the Post ARRAY option) but it doesnt help with upgrades, and doesnt deactivate blogs on cx

    WHMCS may be easier to manage billing. So far, there arent any perfect options. Those that have them, make them for themselves not other 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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