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  • Hi all,

    I’m looking for an alternative for TDO Tag fixes.

    Its functionality is spot on, just what I need, but it appears to be generating over 400 database queries per page load on my site. This has been okay for my dev purposes, but am concerned what might happen to my mysql host as server load ramps up with more than a few users visiting the site at once (I’m on cheap shared hosting)

    I’m using WP 2.9.1 and realise that TDO Tag fixes is a couple of years old so maybe there are some compatibility issues?

    The functionality I need to to be able to have a tag cloud or tag list on a page that only shows tags from posts within a specific category. When someone clicks on a tag in the cloud / list I want the archive page to only show posts from within that category.

    I could go down the custom taxonomy route, but would loose the ability for my client to use quick edit add tags to their posts…

    Any ideas anyone?

    many thanks

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  • Did you find a solution? I’ve been working on a query for this, but it’s been a pain in the ass to try and match up that many items in a single query.

    Since both tags and categories use the same column in the relationships table it’s getting difficult.

    I was thinking about getting all the posts.ID associated with a single cat term_relationships.term_taxomony_id then going back and getting all post_tag’s term_relationships.term_taxomony_id associated with each term_relationships.object_id based on the first query result.

    Two query’s just seems like to much.

    Hi Randy –

    nope, I still use tdotf_cat_tag_cloud in quite a few places within the template, but as my client doesn’t update the site that regularly and infact doesn’t manage it themselves, Keeping the backend as simple as possible wasn’t too important, so I used a couple of custom taxonomies to keep the db hits down and some fairly aggressive caching speeded things up for me. Not ideal but it did the job.

    not much help I know, but do let me know if you find a solution!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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