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  • Does anyone have any suggestions as to feedwordpress alternatives? My installation is returning errors.

    I want to pull an external feed into my blog and assign it to a specific category.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Yes, I would like to have an alternative too. my site’s admin area stops working all together when feedwordpress is activated, I get white page. it was working fine before on older wordpress versions??? Not to mention the developer doesn’t answer emails or anything???

    looking for the same…

    that’s too bad, I’ve used this plugin for more than a year now, it’s a great plugin WHEN IT WORKED, I feel bad abandoning the plugin as the developer doesn’t care to even respond to emails or anything.

    I wonder why? if you have such a great thing why not nurture it, develop it and take care of it????

    don’t shout on the developers, they spend time to deliver good software, without asking money back at users. So be kind and let them answer when they’ve got a little time. It’s not a commercial product, and most of us developers do other jobs for living.

    So be kind and wait for a solution to it, or switch to another plugin, unless you’re not willing to pay for a custom work by a professional.


    I am happy with FWP, its just not working with certain feeds on certain blogs. I need to test it with another plugin before i put a support ticket in with my host.. so I’ll ask the original question again… Does anyone have any suggestions as to feedwordpress alternatives? thanks :-0


    I would be happy to pay him to fix the problem; that is if he would respond to the emails 🙂

    I love feedwordpress I don’t want to drop it but what else to do?

    Cubismo – how have you managed to get it to work for you? Are you running the latest version of WP? Perhaps your host has made a change to the shared config file on your server that removes the errors. I contacted my host and they would not make the necessary change to remove the errors.

    Is anyone else able to run FWP without errors?

    May be WPeMatico? I use it and it’s working fine.



    Yes, I have been using that, although I do find that is only publishes one line summaries and not whole excerpts.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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