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  • I am also having the same problem.

    Also having this problem — and the “nouveau” alternate font disappeared.

    My problem was solved only using the backup. I suggest that you use the “restore option”.

    Same problems!
    Whether I choose “classic” or “modern” from the options nothing happens.
    But even worst for me is the fact that the “nouveau” alternate font has been deleted and I liked it so much! I do miss it, my site does not look the same anymore :(…

    Yes, me too. Nouveau is no longer and option. I want them back as well! I designed my site with them in use so it looks strange now. Perhaps Kit can add them back in?


    I found out that the font that is now missing is called CaviarDreams.ttf

    Is anyone here good enough at writing code to write a line that we can put back in?
    Even if I could just get my headers back into that font it would be great.

    Same here. I also wrote to Kit.
    No answers 🙁
    I am worried he might had problems with rights to use the fonts as he did… they were basically embedded in the code.. he should try to have them added to a clod service for fonts like google fonts and have them called via js… However if it is not solved I will have to change theme. my site is no more as appealing as it was

    yea, same issue here… ‘modern’ and ‘classic’ look the same and I really liked the quirky font in ‘modern’.

    agree, the new font is unappealing, Would anyone be able to advise coding CavierDreams.ttf?
    or you have all chosen a new theme? theme recomendations? thx

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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