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  • latenightpixeljunkie


    Hey there,

    the plugin doesn’t fetch any of the alternative email addresses saved under my Google Admin Account. The address is for a secondary user created with secondary domain.

    I also tried with the Google Admin’s primary user and primary domain but it then only fetches one alternative address. However I have 4 different ones created which it then doesn’t show in the Plugin’s Settings.

    Appreciate any help in advance

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  • Plugin Support David


    Hi there @latenightpixeljunkie!

    Gmail will provide a list of aliases, but only for the account connected. So for instance, if you have two accounts, the first one with one alias and the second one with four aliases, and you connected to the first account, you will only see that one alias. You won’t see the aliases under the second account. Basically, the API connection can only see what is under the account it is connected to.

    I hope that helps! Have a great day!

    Thread Starter latenightpixeljunkie


    Hi there David,

    thanks. Well I’ve tried that. I do only have one Google Workspace account which i am also connected through with your Plugin.

    Under Google Admin i can see all the different alternative email addresses including additional domains i created and already have in use.

    However your plugin is only showing the two email addresses that i don’t wish to use. I already tried reconnecting and re-installing the plugin etc but i don’t get a full or even correct list of my alternative email addresses created under Google Admin for my user.

    On Google Admin i have info@ (primary), hello@ (alternative 1), webmaster@ (alternative 2).

    WP Mail SMTP is showing only info@ and one alternative email address like roman@ (that is not even under the list under Google Admin).


    Thread Starter latenightpixeljunkie


    Still not working. It’s not fetching the correct/all email aliases available for the Google Mail account connected. I tried on a fresh new WordPress installation again but it doesn’t work.

    Plugin Support David


    Hi there @latenightpixeljunkie,

    It sounds like there may be a configuration issue on the Google side of things. The reason I say that is because our plugin can only see what Google allows it to see, which is how we’re able to load the additional email addresses. If something isn’t set correctly on the Google side, or if there is some other issue preventing the email from showing through the API, our plugin won’t be able to see it.

    Check out this guide on our site. It may help you out:

    I hope that helps! Have a great day! 🙂

    Thread Starter latenightpixeljunkie


    Thank you. I already followed this guide and did all the steps as described.

    However i am not able to get the email aliases like they are created in my Google Workspace account. There are two domains with different aliases but the Plugin keeps showing only the two mail aliases of the primary domain.

    Is it possible there is a caching problem? I am using server side caching and i noticed even while changing the primary mail alias on Google’s side, the changes do not show up with your Plugin.

    I already tried deinstalling the Plugin with checking the option “Remove ALL WP Mail SMTP data upon plugin deletion” but after the reinstalling it, the plugin keeps showing the old data as used before.

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