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    Last question, I think. On my Testimonials page where I have 10 displayed, I would like different styling to break up the page visually. For example, is it possible with CSS to target all the odd ID numbers with, say plain text and all the even IDs with italics (or bold)?

    And if so, would this styling automatically carry over to my Rotating Widget? If I didn’t want that to happen, would I be able to exclude the widget from this styling?

    Many thanks again.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hey chappie,

    While the plugin itself does not support this, check out this page to do it with pure CSS.
    Depending on how specific you make your CSS will determine if it messes with your widget.

    Thanks for the link, Jeff – I’ll give it a go.

    Now enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    FWIW, any CSS properties I apply to .hms-testimonial-container are automatically inherited by .hms-testimonials-rotator and I haven’t found a way to separate them.

    I can target .hms-testimonials-rotator on its own if I haven’t already applied a different value of the same property to .hms-testimonial-container – but that is exactly what I do want to do.

    For example, applying a color to .hms-testimonials-rotator works fine in isolation but if a different color has already been applied to .hms-testimonial-container then the rotator inherits that color and ignores my attempt to give it a different color.

    I did experiment with selector:nth-child but couldn’t get it to work – which isn’t surprising as I don’t know what I’m doing.

    However, I was pleased to discover that I could insert HTML code into the New Testimonial fields (eg “Source”) and it appears to stick. Not sure if this is supported or recommended. Probably not.

    Strangely, the CSS properties (text style, color and alignment) I have applied to .hms-testimonial-container are lost in smaller viewports – specifically when the 3-bar menu kicks in at around 978px.

    None of my other CSS page or widget styling properties disappears responsively like this so is it possible that HMS Testimonials has a quirk? More likely, the quirks are all mine of course.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Not a testimonials thing. Sounds like your theme might be setting even stricter CSS at that width. The only CSS the plugin applies is in the admin area.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    FYI, I am going out of town tonight through Tuesday without my computer so expect response times to be longer. I will be able to respond from my phone assuming I have service.

    Just to tidy this one up, I found the perfect solution.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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