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  • I’ve modified wp-admin.css so that it now has a vertical menu and a purple colour scheme. For anyone who’s interested, it’s here (screenshot) It’s slightly screwy in IE 5.5 (scrolls horizontally) but fine in Firebird; which, as it’s for my own personal use, is all I care about really.
    Any other control freaks out there who’ve customised the interface?

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  • Awesome job, ugly! Thanks.

    Yeah, pretty cool…
    just that everything is centrally aligned. 😛

    Well, if that was a problem for you you’d get rid of ‘text-align:center’, just as if you disliked purple you’d change the colours. I don’t use the admin pages for reading previous entries, so it’s not an issue for me.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    It would be neat to see more of these. Thanks for posting yours.

    oh yeah, i now noticed that the css file was not accompanied by any legal document prohibiting me to modify the file to my liking, so I can make the desirable changes. 😉
    Thanks for the tip anyways, I will switch to default alignment and lightgrey color. And thanks for an alternative view to the backend… 🙂 I like it a lot!

    Sweet looking job, Ugly. Have you used the Web Developer tool for Firebird? Perhaps that can help you track down the horizontal scrolling issue.
    I’m gonna dissect your code and goof around with it. Thanks for posting and whetting my creative appetite! 🙂

    Dude, default layout and light grey? Whoa, settle down…don’t be so radical! <BIG GRIN> 😛
    Minimalist AND an OPERA lover–what a combo! <EVIL GRIN> 🙂

    default alignment (i.e. left aligned) 😉
    and my opera is pretty minimilist…
    Here is a screenie!

    @ntu: – that rocks! Brings a much needed refrshing view to the admin side.
    I just need (read want) to make a couple of changes to suit my needs. – Update the colors to fit my site, and change center to left justify…
    I think that jsut goes to show how flexible WP really is. That a simple CSS file can drasticaly change to look of things.

    yeah this is more like it! thanks…

    Any chance of a sheet that changes the orientation but not the colors? I really like the current theme of the admin interface..
    the author made it pretty clear! 😉

    I deliberately kept the colour scheme simple so that changing it would be a simple matter of find/replace (my first draft was green!) . And it should be pretty easy to restore any original features, such as the colours and the logo, by cutting and pasting from the original .css. It just seemed a logical next step, after experimenting with wp-layout.css, to play around with the backend and see what could be done with that. If you have experience customising wp-layout you shouldn’t have too much trouble with wp-admin.
    I have the Web Developer tool, but haven’t played around with it much yet; I think the IE issue may be down to the width of the table as specified in the html. IE seems to be rendering it as 90% of the page width including the left margin, whereas Mozilla and Opera calculate it as 90% minus the left margin. Annoying.
    Another issue is that because the html specifies a white table background for the ‘Team’ listing, that’s displaying white-on-white for me. But, as it’s a single-user blog and I never use that page, I don’t care 😉

    I think I am right in saying the IE margin issue requires the application of the Celik Tantek voicebox hack. It has now been confirmed that the CSS validator was broken but all OK now. That should fix it.Or it will drive you nuts trying 🙂

    That is Tantek Celik of course. I am dyslexic ! Sorry.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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