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    Hi Bill,

    Is there a way to override the link title in the BE subpages list?

    Some of my page titles are long and I’d prefer a shorter link title.

    For example:

    Madrid four week TEFL course (parent)
    Madrid four week TEFL course description (child page title)
    Madrid four week TEFL course syllabus (child page title)

    I really do not want to shorten the child page titles as they are descriptive to a reader that lands on them, Google optimised and doing OK.

    I don’t have a problem with the parent page but it would e nice to show the child with a shorter but understandable title, for example:

    Madrid four week TEFL course (parent)
    Course description

    Is this possible? If it is, do you have an example of how to implement it?



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  • Hi Bill,

    I figured something out but just want to check what will happen in the future.

    I added post meta using a key of be_alt_link_title.

    I then did a direct modify on the BE Subpages php program by adding:

    $alt_title = get_post_meta($parents[0], "be_alt_link_title", $single);
    if ($alt_title[0] > "")
    	$title = $alt_title[0]; // top title

    just before the echo for the top item.

    And also the following just before the echo to the subpages.

    $alt_title = get_post_meta($subpage->ID, "be_alt_link_title", $single);
    if ($alt_title[0] > "")
    	$subpage->post_title = $alt_title[0]; // sub title

    Can my modified code run as child (like with a child theme) or will I have to save the code and re-install it when you release a new version of BE Subpages?

    Is it worth adding as an option to the current widget?



    Plugin Author Bill Erickson


    Do not directly modify the plugin. When an update comes out, your changes will be lost.

    I’ve added a filter that allows you to customize the title. Download the development version of the plugin here ( ). Then add this to your theme’s functions.php file:

    Thanks Bill.

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