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    I was typing in a post and accidently hit some combination of key strokes. The result is I am getting characters from a different language or alphabet than the standard english keyboard.

    Some examples:

    a question mark appears as É
    a slash appears as é
    a left angle bracket appears as ‘

    I donèt know what key combination I hit to alter the keyboard mapping and my default Windows 7 keyboard is set properly.

    Does anyone know what key combinations I need to use to restore my standard english keyboardÉ

    Thank you!!

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  • I did more digging and discovered it was a Firefox / Windows 7 issue (didn’t happen in IE 8).

    The key sequence I pressed was Left-Shift followed by Left-Alt. That caused the switch to the alternate key mapping.

    When I press Left-Shift followed by Left-Alt again the original key mappings returned so now what I intend to type is what is displayed.

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