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    Two questions on archive pages and templates as described here:

    1. Is it possible to have an alternative structure for these? For instance, using the examples on the documentation page, if I wanted to have a section of a Movies site for directors, with a page listing their movies, their tv shows, etc., is there a way to have the urls for that section be in the form of /directors/director_name/movies

    2. Related to this, is there a way then to have an alternate archive template depending on the url structure used? For instance, in the “directors” section example above, I’d want the template to have sub-navigation focused on the director, whereas for a main /movies page I might want something different.

    Are either of these doable?


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  • Plugin Author Rachel Cherry


    These are both do-able.

    1. Yes, just change up the rule:

    add_rewrite_rule( 'directors/([^/]+)/movies/?$', 'index.php?post_type=movies&directors=$matches[1]&cpt_onomy_archive=1', 'top' );

    2. You can’t have an archive template dependent on the URL out of the box BUT you can have the archive-movies.php template and then, in the code, use the is_tax( ‘directors’ ) logic to only include your navigation on those pages OR you could make your own template file and use the ‘template_include’ filter to tell WordPress to use the specific file. Something like this:

    add_filter( 'template_include', 'my_website_template_include' );
    function my_website_template_include( $template ) {
       global $post_type;
       if ( is_archive() && $post_type == 'movies' && is_tax( 'directors' ) ) {
          if ( $custom_template = locate_template( 'archive-director-movies.php' ) )
             return $custom_template;
       return $template;

    I hope this helps!

    Thanks Rachel. That was very helpful. The first part for the archives URLs worked great.

    Is is possible to do the same for the single?
    i.e. can a single movie also be at a similar url, so something like:


    I guess part of the question is — is possible for a page to have two different URLs, or no?

    For the second part, what I actually need is a way for an alternative sub-navigation for the single template depending on it’s context.

    So, when a movie was accessed directly, it would show in the URL form of:


    …and then show the general movie sub-nav, but when accessed via the director’s section (as above) it would have the director specific sub-nav.

    I’m guessing, if the page can have two URLs, as I described above, I can just do a conditional based on the URI and switch out the template part, but if not, I suspect I’d have to pass the page a variable in the URL.

    If it’s not clear, what I’m trying to do is change the navigation just based on the context of the page on the site — how you get to it, not actually based on any differences in the content itself.

    Plugin Author Rachel Cherry


    Check out the “How To Add Custom Templates Based On Custom Archive Pages” section on my Custom CPT-onomy Archive Pages page and see if that points you in the right direction.

    Basically, you create your rewrite rule and then you can tell WordPress to load a specific template based on conditionals.

    Thanks! I’ll have a look, and see if that helps.

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