Alternate CSS-Class for every other list item in several RSS-feeds (1 post)

  1. mp67533
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    Im trying to figure out how to make encode an anternate css-class for every other item in a widget...

    I need a widget which pulls several different rss-feeds into one feed - and then i need to format every other line or "all the odd list-items"

    Like this:

      <li class="list-1">Feed 1: Something
      <li class="list-2">Feed 2: Something
      <li class="list-1">Feed 3: Something
      <li class="list-2">Feed 1: Something
      <li class="list-1">Feed 2: Something

    I have tryed to look into the rss-widget included in wordpress and the kb-advanced widget...

    If someone just could point me in the right direction?

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