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  • Does anyone know of a way to have our WordPress feeds (category feeds, especially) show alternate content than the HTML for a section of content in posts? We have an issue where including the iframe in our feed causes issues with our mobile app, which has a feed reader to load this content, but the iframe in the feed causes it to choke. We’d still like to have a link to the Vimeo video though, if we cannot have the video embedded.

    Videos on our site are currently are being embedded via native WordPress oEmbed scripts or via Vimeo’s native iframe embed code. We aren’t using any plug-ins to embed them. They are straight up vanilla embeds.

    I can type in the URL of and WordPress will turn that into an iframe embed through it’s oEmbed native funcationality. We WANT this so that people reading the site can watch the videos right there without having to click off to another site.

    Mailchimp then, sees the link on the RSS feed and they have their “RSS to Email Campaign” product, that has a feature which reads the URL just as wordpress does, then it creates a still frame image from the video and links it as a link to the vimeo page in the emails it sends out daily.

    The Mailchimp functionality would be perfect, but if that’s not possible, then we’d at least like to be able to change the feed content to be slightly different than what’s shown to the browser. Or, as an absolute last-ditch effort, hide the video section from the feed (though this last approach really isn’t desired at all).

    So, any thoughts?

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