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  • Yes, yes, I know, we should NEVER do it (but we all do!)
    I have a theme (Hero By Manishg), which I’m really enjoying. I’ve been able to tweak it considerably and all’s going good. I would like to insert an accordion-style header onto the homepage instead of the existing NivoSlider.
    php currently reads:

    <div id="home-container">
    	<div id="slider" class="nivoSlider">
    <?php for ($i = 1; $i <= 2; $i++) { ?>
    			 <img src="<?php if(of_get_option('slider_image'.$i) != NULL){ echo of_get_option('slider_image'.$i);} else echo get_template_directory_uri() . '/images/slide'.$i.'.png' ?>" alt="<?php echo of_get_option('slider_head'.$i); ?>" <?php if(of_get_option('slider_box') != 'off'){ ?> title="<span class='info-title'><?php if(of_get_option('slider_head'.$i) != NULL){ echo of_get_option('slider_head'.$i);} else echo "Professional Business WordPress theme" ?></span><p><?php if(of_get_option('slider_text'.$i) != NULL){ echo of_get_option('slider_text'.$i);} else echo "Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Vestibulum tortor quam, feugiat vitae." ?></p><span class='read-more-slide'> <a href='<?php echo of_get_option('slider_link'.$i); ?>'><?php _e( 'Read More', 'Hero' ); ?></a></span>" <?php } ?> />
    			<?php } ?>
    		</div> <!--slideshow end-->
      </div><!--home container end-->

    What I’d like to do is echo my current gallery1, which I’ve created using jquery accordion slideshow plugin.

    Does anybody have a suggestion?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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