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  • Hello all,

    I would like to tweak my RSS feed on a per category basis. For most blog entires, I want to output simply the exceprt to the RSS feed. However, for one category (as it happens, my linklog) I would like to output the entire post, including any links that may be within it.

    I’ve been trawling through the files which generate the RSS feeds. Can the get_the_category() function be used here, to obtain the cat_ID, and then impose some kind of if/else rule on what is entered into the RSS <content> tag?

    Are there any plug-ins that would allow me to set whether the full post, or excerpt is displayed, on a category-by-category basis? I imagine the functionality to set this on a post-by-post basis would also be helpful to some… although not help me personally, as I’m working with posts that are created automatically, rather than manually.

    One assumption that I’m making here is that people read posts, and click on links within them, via their RSS readers. I know many RSS readers do not allow this functionality (indeed, it is probably not the point of RSS) in which case the feature I’m looking for would be redundant. However, I know there are some RSS readers (e.g. Apple Mac OS X Safari) which do allow it.

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