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  • Hi,

    Please could you help me. This site is still under construction so I can’t link to it but I hope someone can help.

    I would like to either change the ‘Read More’ link url on some (but not all) excerpts so that it doesn’t go to the post (but rather to a category). I know that doesn’t sound sensible but these posts have only 1 or 2 sentences and their main job is to drive readers to a category that lists posts. However I’m not sure this is possible.

    To try and explain it further I have a link on the home page that says
    Watching Wildlife. This links to a category that has post excerpts for:
    Wildlife to see in January,
    Wildlife to see in Febrauary
    etc etc
    except I don’t really want the Read More link on these excerpts to go to the ‘Wildlife to see in January etc’ posts as there is no more text for the user to read. I want each of these to link to their own category showing all the posts relevant to eg, Wildlife to see in January (eg there may 10 posts about different wildlife)

    At the moment this is possible but there is an extra step (the one in bold) that I would like to miss out.

    Home page link (Wildlife Watching) Click READ MORE> Shows list of posts in this category (Wildlife to see in Jan, Feb etc) CLICK READ MORE > Takes you to the post (Wildlife to see in Jan, Feb etc) I’ve added a READ MORE link click > Takes you to the Category for Wildlife to see in Jan, Feb etc This shows all the relevant posts for each month

    If that isn’t possible what I would like to do is instead of using an excerpt use the entire text (which is only a sentence or two) and manually add a ‘read more’ button in so that I can set the URL so that it links where I want. What I need to know in this case is how to do that for only certain categories. Most categories I still want to show only excerpts so I don’t want to alter it across the theme.

    Sorry if that is badly explained, I will try to explain further if needed,

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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