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  • Jaabie


    in fact the example i gave does not seem to work it gives an error code. (any ideas why the error code)

    however this one shows my original problem of having one photo per page.

    M. Fran├žois HOLLANDE (17 Images)

    Any help VERY welcome.


    I think what you might want to check out is TCPDF’s setImageScale directive. This is set to a default of 1.25 in <plugin dir>/tcpdf/config/tcpdf_config.php via the variable “PDF_IMAGE_SCALE_RATIO” which is then referenced in wp-post-to-pdf.php. You could override it in either place. Try 1.0 as the scaling ratio top see if that gets two images on a page.


    PS – Per my other thread, I’ve made some adjustments to the settings page for this plugin. Your request might be another good idea to add to the list (just a simple dialog box to input the scaling factor, and if non-zero, use that instead of the default in tcpdf_config.php, otherwise, fall back).





    Thank you so much for your response i will take a look on monday and let you know how i do.


    Surely, Jamie. My pleasure.

    To make things a bit easier, I’ve added an option to the admin page to allow setting the scaling factor. This way, you can test various values. Caution: the scaling factor is indeed that: a factor. This means that it is the second part of a ratio, with the “1:” omitted. Thus, a scaling factor of 1.25 (the default) is really an image ratio of 1:1.25 of pdf:original. Setting a scaling factor of 2 implies 1:2, or 50% of original size. Counter-intuitive, I know. I’ll do better in a subsequent release (or Neerav may; this is still his plugin; I’ve just hacked at it a little bit).

    Anyway, more details are available in , including download links.



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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