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  • meganano


    I spend a lot of time surfing the support site here in search of answers to my questions. But I often can’t tell where I’ve been because the visited link color on this site is so close to the actual link color. It would wonderful if the folks who maintain the design for the support forums could change the visited link color to something significantly different than just “slightly darker blue than the link color.”

    I often waste time going back to a support thread that I’ve already been to because I can’t tell via the link color if I’ve been there. And I’m not even color-blind!

    Someone else on the web explains why this is important:
    “A good grasp of past navigation helps you understand your current location, since it’s the culmination of your journey. Knowing your past and present locations in turn makes it easier to decide where to go next. Links are a key factor in this navigation process. Users can exclude links that proved fruitless in their earlier visits. Conversely, they might revisit links they found helpful in the past.
    Most important, knowing which pages they’ve already visited frees users from unintentionally revisiting the same pages over and over again.

    These benefits only accrue under one important assumption: that users can tell the difference between visited and unvisited links because the site shows them in different colors. When visited links don’t change color, users exhibit more navigational disorientation in usability testing and unintentionally revisit the same pages repeatedly.”

    read more here:

    Thanks so much. The forums are invaluable.

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