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  • After many hours of research and testing I’ve distilled an earlier posted problem down to this:

    I need to display a particular category in reverse order (ASC instead of the default DESC) and have it paginated. While the normal display of posts in descending order (newest first) paginates fine (with next/prev nav links) and the nav links work fine, when the order of posts is reversed to ASC (chronological order) the nav links do NOT work – they instead just display the same [first page] of posts over and over even though WP thinks it is going to page 2, page 3, etc.

    The extra twist to this is that I need to also be able to display that same category in the normal default order as well, so that I would have TWO menu links, one for Category A in [normal] DESCending order and one for Category A in [reverse] ASCending order, both with working pagination.

    I have been unable to do this – the best I can do is display the category in reverse order on one very long page – because the pagination won’t work.

    If you want to see the original post to see what I’ve done already, read this.

    I really need help and would be grateful if anyone can figure this out…..

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