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    I guess there’s been a new update??? All my images now show the “ALT & TITLE TEXT” instead of the “Description” text! It used to be the other way around. How do I get my galleries to show the “Description” under the slideshow images like they used to?

    ALSO, the thumbnails now line up “centered” instead of “flush left” like they used to. This looks ridiculous. How do I make the thumbnails align flush left?

    For years, I’ve been thinking of upgrading to the Pro version, would love to support Nextgen, but with so many constant, annoying bugs in the free version, why would I pay for Pro?

    Thank you

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  • Hi @notrobo!

    Please, let us know first your current version of NextGen Gallery.
    Our last version is Version 3.0.16.

    So please:

    1.- Check if you have the latest version of our plugin.
    2.- Did you check if there is an existing conflict with another plugin?
    3.- Have you tried re-inserting the galleries and see if that works?

    Please, keep us posted.
    Note: It will be wonderful if you can share with us the links to those pages.


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    1 — I have the latest Version 3.0.16.
    2 — I’ve had no conflicts with other plugins
    3 — What is the process for “re-inserting” a gallery???
    4 — Originally, all I wanted to do was delete several images from a gallery
    5 — I went to “Manage Galleries/nameGallery” then bulk deleted (5) images
    6 — Upon refreshing the Chrome browser, the images (as usual) are still there
    7 — So then I go into “Other Options/Misc/Clear Image Cache.” As usual, images still there
    8 — My only resort now is to “Reset All Options.” Must then clear Chrome browser cache
    9 — Now Thumbnails are centered instead of flush left, and instead of descriptions under the images, the “Alt/Titles” show up which are only the default file names.
    10 — Also, for some reason the slideshows have all white, lightbox backgrounds which I can live with, but they used to have black borders.
    11 — Please just tell me how to get the thumbnails flush left again; also, most importantly, how do I get the Descriptions back under the images instead of the Alt/Titles? I have many important people going to my site, and the dozens of Nextgen galleries I have are all totally messed up. Please visit: then go to “Still Work” then click on “Paintings” or “Sculpture,” launch a slideshow, and you will see examples of what I’m talking about.

    Thank you for your help ASAP.

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    Hi @notrobo

    Thank you so much for all that detailed information.
    Could you please go here: create a full bug report?

    We would like to take a deeper look.
    Many thanks!

    – Gaby

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