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  • Hi Dale,

    Why do you think the Alt isn’t working? It works fine. If the facebook image not display, then “Kricklewood Farm on Facebook” will display.

    Maybe you want to add title = “Kricklewood Farm on Facebook” ???

    Do you see the text when hovering over the image? I tried on my machine using google chrome, ie and firefox…. none of them showed it.




    When hovering over the image, it text is title attribute not alt attribute. Alt attribute will display when the image path is incorrect or can’t be loaded.

    So please add title=”Kricklewood Farm on Facebook” behind the alt=”Kricklewood Farm on Facebook”. Please make sure to add a blank between each attributes.

    ok, that works. Thank you. Come out and visit the farm if you are in the area, pet a goat and a pot-bellied pig!


    🙂 great it works.

    I have a pet pig but not pot-bellied.

    Really? What kind? Where do you live?


    This kind but bigger than this one as he’s more than 3 years.

    cute, what breed is that? Is is living in a house or apartment or farm? One of our pigs came from someone who had her in an apartment. They got tired of carrying her up and down 4 flights as she got bigger…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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