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    Amazing plugin, I wish i had found this earlier. 🙂

    I have a small problem: I used image map to create an image with links, and I set it on “Label with alt text”. And it worked fine. But I saw that I had misspelled one of the alt texts, so I simply went and changed it. But when I reload my site it hasn-t changed. I returned into the image map editor, and there the change is saved. And in the HTML code aswell everything is changed. But my page won’t show the new text, and I can’t understand why.

    This is my image. Holding the mouse over the number 3, i want it to say “Stallen (under Lille Tornaia – se pil)”, instead it says “Stallen (under Lille Tornai)”.

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    Hi there… and thank you for the kind words!

    The first thing that comes to mind is cache. Try manually emptying your browser cache. If you aren’t sure how.. Google is your friend 🙂

    Also, if you are using a caching plugin on your site.. be sure to empty that as well.

    Go ahead and give that a try first and let me know.


    Thank you for answering so quickly.

    Cache was my first thought aswell, but that didn’t do any good, the problem is still there. But it has gotten more weird.

    To see if the problem was the cache (even if I had deleted it), I opened Internet Explorer. (I normally use Firefox). And in Explorer the alt text was changed. So I thought that maybe I just hadn’t deleted the cache as one should. So I tried again (back in Firefox), but nothing happened. So I went to my girlfriends computer, and also in her Firefox the alt text was wrong. Very confusing…

    So then I call my dad, and asked him to see on his computer. On his computer the alt text is wrong in both Explorer and Opera. So the only place it is correct so far is is on my computer in explorer. I never use explorer, so maybe it’s because it’s an old version, or I don’t know.

    When it comes to the caching plugin, I don’t think I have that. I mean, I don’t have a pluging spesificly for cache, but maybe it could be a “side effect” from one of my plugins… Could it? What do I do now?

    I have tried to deactivate one plugin at the time to see if that could help, but no such luck.

    Fixed it! When I went into the HTML code, I realised that the code was

    <area title="Old alt text" alt="New alt text" (...)

    So I changed the “area title” manually in the HTML code, and now everything works as it should. 🙂

    It seems to me that when I change the alt text in the image map editor, the area title doesn’t change automatically. Now that I know how to fix it, it’s not really a big deal.

    If this is a bug (I mean, if it’s not like this for some clever reason), then I guess this is me reporting about a bug 😉

    Thanks again for assisting.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Moderator and Editor Customizer

    Lmao… I LOVE IT!! That’s one of the most humble bug reports I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading 🙂 NICE!!

    Well.. the image map addon is something that was developed by someone else years ago. What I did.. was find a way to incorporate it into the WP tinymce… so that all of us could use it too 🙂

    Yes.. it definitely sounds like a bug. I can’t think of any other reason where updating this information would NOT want to be saved. So, obviously there is something going on there.

    I’ll be happy to take a look at it.. but can make no promises of whether or not I’ll be able to provide a fix.

    Either way… THANK YOU for reporting your issue… keeping us informed on your progress.. and for providing a temporary “fix”. I’m sure others will see this in the future and appreciate it as well.

    Lastly… sorry it took a while for me to get back to you. But, it appears you did fantastic!

    I’ll take a look soon… and see what I can do.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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