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  • Hi! I understand that images used for links need the link ‘action’ in the alt text, letting SR users know what the link does when clicked.

    How should I handle this when the same image is used in a few different places, but with different uses (for example, once as an illustrative image on a blog post, and the same image as the thumbnail product shot on a shop page)? Would this require multiple uploads to the media library of the same image but with different alt-text each time?

    And how does wordpress handle using the main image for a blog post as both the header image on the post itself (not requiring a description of link destination) and the thumbnail on the posts page (presumably requiring a description of the link destination, i.e. the full blog post)?

    Hopefully this makes sense, and a huge thanks in advance,


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  • Hi @booksofnotes

    Glad that you’re worried about Accessibility. For alternative texts, it is not required to add action in the alt text. WebAIM has a detailed post explaining when and how to add the alt text. In that case, they suggest putting the image within the link rather than the image itself as a link.

    When using the image as Featured Image, the theme handles the a11y definitions. Check how the theme you’re using handles this. In the page body, if you’re using the Image block then the alt text can be manually set each time in the inspector on the right side.

    I hope this helps you.
    Good luck

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