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    I ALREADY have wordpress installed, and I have for almost half a year. When I went to update my blog, it forwarded directly to:
    Anytime I click on any page in my blog in the /blog directory, it forwards me to this page.

    I already have wordpress installed… I don’t want to override all my hard work!

    I just want to update my blog. Oh, and my page works fine @, you just can’t click anywhere without being forwarded.

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  • Same problem – [url deleted so someone doesn’t run the installer].
    And yes, [url removed] works fine.

    If I click Install, will it overwrite my work?

    all of your mysql tables have crashed – you need to or get host to run a repair on the database.

    Using phpMyAdmin, I see my SQL tables appear properly.
    In my host’s My SQL admin program, I ran a “check” of the database, and it was all okay. I ran a “repair” of the database anyway. It seems that did no good.
    Is this what you mean, samboll, by “your mysql tables have crashed”? Did I do the repair you had in mind?
    Thank you.

    (My blog was using wp version 2.61.)

    sorry so late getting back
    i don’t see the tables crashed any more – does it still redirect?

    alas, yes, it still redirects from any url within the blog.




    alas, yes, it still redirects from any url within the blog.

    your links above have dots in them, at least one does

    your blog is here:

    and its working fine

    No Whoami, that’s the first questioner’s site. Perhaps I should have started a new topic. I thought it was better protocol to add my instance of this same issue to a topic already started.
    My site is
    Oh – I see my url’s were automatically removed when I posted my first post above.
    I emailed the owner of last Friday, asking how her problem got solved, since I saw that her blog was now working. I have not received a reply.




    the only time that happens is when wordpress cant ‘see’ the wp_options table

    is that intact? is it crashed? I would doublecheck

    Using phpMyAdmin, I can browse wp_options. Does that mean it is intact?

    I ran a database check again, and again everything was okay. (The tables checked (all tables) included wp_options.)

    My not-too-cheap but slow-to-respond host has now advised me to check that the server connection address is set to dbhost not localhost. Since my blog was working last week, and my host said a few days ago that they had not changed anything on their end, I don’t see how this could be the issue, but it does fit with what you say about wordpress not being able to see the wp_options table. **How do I check/change the server connection address used by my wordpress installation?** I know it’s not in my header templates, or htaccess, and it can’t be and isn’t in wp_options.

    check that the server connection address is set to dbhost not localhost.

    that would be in your wp-config.php file DB_HOST
    but I’m with you – if you didn’t change anything and they didn’t…

    Thanks you two.
    No thanks to my host
    (who said, after I twice asked “Did MDS change some settings on Nov 1?”,
    “No changes have been made to your account”)

    the blog now only shows my posts up to the end of June, and my drop-down menu is now splayed out and all in one column.

    I use Lester Chan’s [wp-database] plugin, and get backups sent by email, so I’ll try restoring a backup.

    (My host bought my old host a few months ago.)

    I didn’t write that yes, changing wp-config.php’s host to “dbhost” (as required by my current host) fixed the redirect-to-install.php error.

    I went to wp-admin, in order to get to wp-dbManager to restore my backup, but .. quasi-catch-22 .., when I go to wp-admin, I get:
    Database Upgrade Required – Your WordPress database is out-of-date, and must be upgraded before you can continue.
    Oh well, since Ive got the backup, I guess its safe to proceed.

    I did the database upgrade, which (as expected) did not restore the work I have done since June, but it did enable me to access the wp-dbmanager plugin so I could restore the most recent backup. Done. All better now.

    It’s still a mystery why 4 months of work disappeared (until I restored the backup), but I’m quite sure that was due to some rare quirky action when my host bought and took over my old host.

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