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  • I am trying to get this to work on my site, but when I try to load the wp-admin\install in my browser I get an error and it says that it is already installed when it was the first thing i did. I want to add this blog program to my site but I need help desperately.

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  • The one and only time you ran the installer, it said WP was already installed?
    If you use something like PHPMyAdmin, is the WP database there? With tables/content?

    Have you installed another copy of WordPress somewhere else using that database? If so, you’ll need to set a different table prefix in wp-config.php.

    The first time I tryed to intall it it gave me that error. Could it be because I have MySQL and Abyss also installed? I am trying to get the site to work on my local network then when I am happy I will upload it to a proffesional host.

    just start with it on a host…

    I want to get it to work locally. This is the help section so please help.

    Do I need mysql installed on my computer to get it to work? If so where does it need to be installed to? For world press to work I am trying to use it on my abyss server, so does it matter where I have the world press folder, if so where?

    I don’t have a clue about “abyss server”. The easiest way to get wp going on your local box is to get XAMPP from It comes ready to use with apache, php and mysql, all talking to each other and happy. Once you’ve installed that on your box, THEN install wp.

    [Edit: *sigh* Answer the question, idiot….]

    Yes – you do have to have mysql…. the only way I know to get it running right is to use XAMPP. There are probably a lot of other ways to get it working, maybe someone else will know without going the Apache/XAMPP route.

    Thanks I am downloading Xampp now, I have tried apache in the past and I think I will try it again. If anyone can help me run it on abyss I would appreciate it since I am most used to it.

    Well, apache on my winxp box is so invisible it’s scary. I literally have not had to think about since installing it about a year ago. In fact, the only time I DID have to think about it was when I formatted my drives in February….

    XAMPP makes local server usage pretty darn simple. I upgraded to the latest distro a few weeks back, didn’t even have to tweak anything in httpd.conf…. vanilla worked just fine out of the download….

    Thanks, I am still downloading it as I…. type.
    <EDIT> What do I have to do in order to get worldpress on Xampp?

    I cannot do better than to refer you here:

    Podz has an absolutely premier tutorial there. And the rest of his wordpress help stuff ain’t bad either!

    I have xampp installed now and wordpress installed on it also. My problem now is when I try to load up my local page that I made it sends me to a xampp splash screen. How do i make it not goto it?

    http://localhost/yourwordpressinstallfolder/ – where yourwordpressinstallfolder is the folder you installed wp into.

    once again… just start with it on a host…

    you’re creating about 15 thousand extra steps for yourself if what you originally posted was true…
    “I am trying to get the site to work on my local network then when I am happy I will upload it to a proffesional host. “

    It takes less than 5 minutes to have it up and running on a host… Having it on your own network doesn’t really serve any purpose if you’re going to “upload it to a proffesional host” later anyway.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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