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  • Good evening people!

    I am new here. I signed up because I want to learn about WordPress. I have studied the basics (the basic system that WordPress uses) but have never really built anything in WordPress yet. I am a developer myself so I am not looking to quickly get a template and just fill it with content, but to create such a template myself.

    I have already built a website (it has no content yet and there are loose ends of course but I will wrap this up once the WordPress thing is done)
    which I want to convert to WordPress. I am building it for a student society so it would be very convenient for them to be able to update it themselves.

    The problem is I have no idea how to convert my website to WordPress. I’ve seen some tutorials but they are extremely basic… My website contains multiple pages ( a simple horizontal navigation system) and those pages may have some items (which can always be clicked), which could be referred to as Articles or simple subpages. These items are accessible through a sidebar (a simple vertical menu) but I have no idea how to convert this to WordPress stuff…

    If someone could point me to a tutorial or something, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Here is the demo of the website. Things haven’t been perfected yet, of which I’m very much aware. But please take a look (not all pages have content at all) and tell me if it’s even worth trying to convert this to WordPress. As it’s my own design I would like to make it look exactly like that.

    Thank you very much in advance,



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  • Oh and if you need any translation on the pages ( I think it’s not really necessary though) just ask me. Most of them are straightforward and will only contain some text.

    I’m not sure if you’re looking to build a theme from scatch or just want the same functionality you currently have, but in WordPress.
    If the later, it should be quite easy. It doesn’t look like you have anything that’s not already built into wordpress, or available through plugins. Given that you have no content and so no database to worry about yet, rather than “convert” you may find it easier to simply re-do what you have in WordPress. Perhaps your biggest challenge may be getting the style to match, but that’s no big deal either, just more time.

    I will need a database, though. It just isn’t uploaded yet so the programming part hasn’t been done yet. But via WordPress I wouldn’t need to do that anyway.

    Thank you! I’ll check out re-doing the thing then. I kind of wondered about that already.



    Yes, I think what I meant was you have very little content to save and move to wordpres, prehaps some of yuor images.. otherwise your site already looks like WordPress, I’d swear it was if I didn’t know.
    I wouldn’t know how to make my own dynamic website from scratch, that’s impressive..I’m just a theme hacker.

    Good luck

    Well thanks, it’s really nothing special if you know how 🙂 I will look into it this weekend. I’ll keep this updated I guess haha. Maybe re-doing it is easier (though maybe longer) in the end…


    Hello I am new to all of this, I looking for some help in design of my website. It was started by a friend, but of course time is always an issue , and it is not complete.
    I am trying to fix it myself , but it is way over my head.

    Can anyone here help or direct me to where I can get it done?

    If you have a specific issue you may get help here, otherwise it sounds like you may need this:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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