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  • Damn, those are some big endorsements for WP, FF, and BH.
    I don’t like the text under the various areas (browse, by-post, by-month) – it makes the text really hard to read (especially the section with the bright green text on a white background….not a good idea.)
    One of my pet peeves is when simple navigation elements change position. For example, if the gallery section, the “next” and “pervious” buttons not only disapear on the last and first image, but change places in the line up as well. I would suggest that if they can’t be used, you just don’t make them links, that will make it much easier to just click through the images without having to re-find the “next” button every time.
    I like the lettering across the top and bottom – nice effect, might want to work on some anti-aliasing of those letters if you going to create the effect with a graphic 😉

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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