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  • In case this helps any I looked at the error message in Chrome browser and the following was listed though I don’t yet know what it means or what to do about it:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘listnav’
    JQMIGRATE: Logging is active
    JQMIGRATE: jQuery is not compatible with Quirks Mode

    I’ve learned that the alphabetical navigation guide you see at the top of the glossary list in the demo belongs to a third party author and the author of CM Super Tooltip Glossary plugin does not support it, unless you’re willing to pay an undetermined fee for the extra service. IMO the author should portray all of the the demo versions without this navigation bar in place in both their FREE and PRO versions unless they’re willing to provide support for installing it as part of the purchase of their own plugin.

    Plugin Author CreativeMinds


    This is not true. alphabetical navigation index is part of the free version. There are more than 2000 working installation of this plugin with the index working. Some users have conflicts with other plugins or with their theme which is something we can support individually. We do release updates to this plugin on regular bases and that covers all the know bugs in this plugin

    Thank you for your recent and timely response in which you assert that “This is not true”. I made six different assertions within this post. For the sake of readers following this thread, please indicate which are true, and which are not true so that we all can better understand and decide about the utility of this plugin for our purposes.

    1. The alphabetical navigation index was created and developed by a third party.

    2. The author of CM Super Tooltip Glossary does not support problems arising from the installation or use of this third party developed navigation index feature.

    3. The author of CM Super Tooltip Glossary will only support issues users are having with the navigation index if they purchase a separate support package.

    4. The cost of that support package is undetermined based upon information provided on this site where users learn about and download the plugin.

    5. Support requests (such as the one I’ve presented) regarding problems with the navigation feature, which is part of the free version of CM Super Tooltip Glossary, are resolved, or attempts are made to resolve by Creative Minds within this support forum whenever possible.

    6. Support requests regarding problems with the navigation feature in the Pro version are resolved at no extra cost to the customer in the Pro version. I recently received this quote from a representative in response to the following question. “I want to implement the alphbetical A-Z navigation bar. Do you support that in the cost of the plugin?” Creative Mind representative’s response was: “Not sure what you mean by implement, We do not do custom work within the cost of the license. If you need additional support you need to purchase a support package.” I would add that these support packages cost from $100 – $200 for from 2-4 hours of labor .

    The author of the Navbar plugin incorporated into Tooltip Glossary had the following reply:
    “I took a look at the source html for your page and don’t see anything wrong, but I did notice an extra / in these two paths… I’m not sure if they’d make this happen, but if you can get rid of them we can rule that out:

    It looks like the listnav jquery plugin is not available for some reason, because even if I try to invoke it on your page after it loads, it still returns an error:


    though the error is a bit mysterious:

    ‘undefined’ is not a function (evaluating ‘$(‘#glossaryList’).listnav()’)

    This might hold a clue?

    Apparently the extra / is created automatically and I’m unable to determine if its inclusion or exclusion matters. Since Creative Minds, the author of Tooltip Glossary, hasn’t responded to this bug/failure even though they’ve been viewing other posts in this support forum recently, then perhaps some WordPress guru who is more knowledgeable and has more expertise can shed additional light on this problem.

    Plugin Author CreativeMinds


    Dear User,
    You have a jQuery conflict. You have two jquery files included:

    Disable the second one (line 197, just before slicebox.js) and it works like a charm. As you can see, this is problem caused by neither our plugin nor the 3rd party script.

    Thanks for your response. The page’s HTML containing is built automatically by WordPress. I don’t know how it was inserted or what inserted it into the page so I don’t know how or where to go to disable it’s inclusion. I’m not a programmer who is knowledgeable about the WordPress architecture. Can you tell us HOW can to disable the jquery.min.js that causes the conflict?

    I’m not sure if the solution at is of help. Anyway, if it is it doesn’t say WHERE to place the snippet within functions.php.

    I temporarily switched themes from Simplify to Twenty Twelve. The problem went away. Since the theme is the culprit how can I determine which file(s) in the theme are loading the Google jquery.min.js on top of WordPress jquery.js?

    I deactivated the 3D Slider Slice Box plugin. It had modified the template so I couldn’t control which pages the Slider plugin fell on. I created short code the the Slider, placed it on the pages I chose then reactivated this plugin. Slider was conflicting with Glossary plugin. Switching themes was a temporary fix because Twenty Twelve didn’t load 3D Slider. I undid the modifications required by 3D Slider Slice Box plugin to the page template page.php.

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