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  1. roam1950
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    Problem:My request relates mainly to the Posts and Pages search function within WordPress. I find that although I only have about 450 Posts at the moment, and this will increase, plus a further 80 Pages, the only way to find a particular Post/Page is to either enter a word in the Search Box or by using the Page number selector for all Posts or Pages in the top right of the display. Frustratingly you can only click through, 2 or 3 pages at a time to find, let us say a title beginning with “J”, this is time consuming, this must be a problem for for users with many more posts.

    Solution: Plug In or WP update?I have unsuccesfully searched WP PlugIns and the internet for a Alphabetic (or Alphanumeric) solution displaying all English 26 characters, A B C – Z and possibly the numeric 1 thru 0. This would replace the current ‘display page - number system’. There is obviously sufficient room to place such a display and I think this would be much quicker to home in on all the Posts/Pages starting with each Letter of the Alphabet, although not perfect, it provides a better filter. Obviously this could be done for other languages as well.

    If any body can advise if a solution/upgrade is in progress that would be great.

    Best Regards

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