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  • I’m using the Front end editor plugin on my multisite and it’s been working great until recently. I can load the html editor but as soon as I try to load the Aloha editor I get the following error (from Chrome’s Inspect element)

    Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html: "". /blogg/:31
    Uncaught TypeError: Object function (deps, callback, errback, optional) {
            //Find the right context, use default
            var contextName = defContextName,
                context, config;
            // Determine if have config object in the call.
            if (!isArray(deps) && typeof deps !== 'string') {
                // deps is a config object
                config = deps;
                if (isArray(callback)) {
                    // Adjust args if there are dependencies
                    deps = callback;
                    callback = errback;
                    errback = optional;
                } else {
                    deps = [];
            if (config && config.context) {
                contextName = config.context;
            context = contexts[contextName];
            if (!context) {
                context = contexts[contextName] = req.s.newContext(contextName);
            if (config) {
            return context.require(deps, callback, errback);
        } has no method 'mixin' aloha.js:87263
    Aloha-Editor Error: The following module failed to load: i18n!aloha/nls/i18n_unnormalized2,i18n!aloha/nls/i18n aloha.js:89683
    Uncaught Aloha-Editor Exception: The following core file has timed-out while loading:  aloha.js:89702

    If I deactivate my calendar,, It all seems to work again. I would very much like to have them co-exist if possible.

    Thanks for any help!

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