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    I don’t think you will have a big issue using them all together. My suggestion would be to try them all and stick with the one that you like. I really don’t think you need to activate all 3 at the same time.



    In the ideal case, I like to have the maximum protection security. Some security plugins don’t have features other plugins have yet have features the other don’t have. So it’s quite a dilemma choosing when don’t know giving up features for other features or know if they will interfere.



    Hello, I use both Better WP Security and All In One WP Security. Let’s me share what I know, hope it can be useful.

    === BulletProof Security ===

    I never really use it, but I ever tried it.

    + Login security: monitoring, log, lock, email alert
    + Securing htaccess file
    + Maintenance mode
    + Pro version available
    + Good support from the author

    All the questions in the support forum will be answered by the author. I even saw him answered questions in support forum of other security plugin. He wins my thumb up for customer support.

    The author AITpro ever mentioned BulletProof Security & Better WP Security can work together, but some settings are needed:

    === Better WP Security ===

    I’ve been using it more than a year, it was my favorite plugin.

    + Hide backend feature (you can hide your login URL, great!)
    + Intrusion detection: 404 error, file change detection
    + Login security: lockout, auto blacklist, email notification
    + Ban IPs and user agents
    + Change wp-content directory
    + Change “admin” username and userID=1
    + Away mode
    + Database backup
    + Change database prefix (WP default is “wp_”)
    + Reduce comment spam
    + Enforce login and admin SSL
    + Securing htaccess file
    + Security log: lockout, 404 errors, bad login, changed files
    + Work on multisite environments (tested by myself)
    + Paid support available
    – Hide backend no longer effective
    – File change detection frequently causes error on low memory environments
    – Report missing apple-touch-icon as 404 error
    – Change wp-content directory frequently causes issue with other plugins
    – Database backup frequently causes error on low memory environments
    – No free support

    Better WP Security was a good security plugin, as you can see it has pretty much features, the author did provide supports (in WordPress forum). But not now, he has moved to paid support option. So, you will see lots of support questions aren’t being answered in the support forum. Sad.

    Hide backend (login URL) is the killer feature of this plugin. Unfortunately, it’s no longer effective against some login bots. Also users frequently report that some of the features cause memory error on their websites. All the issues has been reported since very long time ago, but still no fix. The worst is, if you enable some features in the plugin, it might breaks your website instantly and you really needs some skills to make your website online again.

    === All In One WP Security & Firewall ===

    It’s still not mature enough, as I can easily found many small issues. The good is, the developer team actively monitors the support forum and improves the plugin quickly.

    + Good information about the items on the setting pages
    + Login security: lockdown, fail login records, force logout, account activity
    + (htaccess) Firewall : basic, additional, 5G blacklist, brute force prevention
    + Ban IPs or User Agents
    + Database backup
    + Change database prefix
    + Spam: block spambots, spam monitoring
    + Backup and restore htaccess file and wp-config.php
    + File Permissions Scan
    + One click button to disable all security features
    + Password strength tool
    + Work on multisite environments
    + Maintenance mode
    + Totally free (no paid or pro version)
    + Good support
    – Not matured (might have issues)

    This plugin is very promising, I’ve been using it for weeks. I found and reported many issues especially related with multisite. Some of the issues has been fixed, quickly.

    Although you can see it’s full of features, but I don’t think it has any killer feature. The unique feature it has is brute force prevention, unfortunately I found a big weakness of it.


    You may also interested to try Wordfence Security. It has many killer features: awesome firewall, live geolocation traffic monitoring, security scan, intuitive UI. It has paid features, but in most cases you won’t need it, the free one already offers too much. Unfortunately, the support is weak which is the reason I don’t use it.

    Plugin Author wpsolutions



    The unique feature it has is brute force prevention, unfortunately I found a big weakness of it

    I’m curious what you mean by this – can you please elaborate more?



    Handoko, such great helpful information you gave!

    I do agree with you about All In One WP Security & Firewall, needs to mature a bit and get more testing and feedbacks to be more established.

    I actually like AIO-WP Security & Firewall over WordFence. AIOS does have more features, but a problem was it was really bulking my site down the most after running the P3 plugin speed test.

    WordFence to me just reminds me more of a computer scanner like Norton and Kaspersky, nothing really fancy awe-breathtaking about it, while Better WP Security is total configuration transforming your site to be secure and has the most fancy cool features and the most easy and professional-looking interface easy on the eyes to understand; however, the only thing is it doesn’t have a firewall nor can do what this WP Login Security 2 does but actually conflicts with new IP.

    BulletProof Security I know it’s supposed to be easy with few magic automatic clicks.I just found it user unfriendly. The design of their interface reminds me of those old computers back in the 80s on the black screen and green courier-text fonts. Just not pleasing for the eyes and professional looking so as I was running through the features and trying to understand, it was just hard to follow everything. The design of their setting need some improvement, but I do think this has the most secure protection potential, but doesn’t have all the cool fancy features of Better WP Security…in fact, the least features.

    Better WP Security = Transformation/Configuration (designing the castle to be strong from invasion)
    BulletProof = Preemptive Defense hence bulletproof (having a castle wall set hard solid for being attacked)
    AIOS = Well-Rounded but newest (a newly recruited knight to defend the castle but without that much experience yet)
    WordFence = Examination (after intruders invaded castle, decide what plan of action to take now)

    In the end, can there just be one WP security plug into rule them all with the best features of everything.



    I’m actually going to try out AIO & Firewall now.

    Better WP Security has been giving me a lot of headache. It keeps bringing my site out of no where. I set the settings and eveyrthing is fine, but few days later I keep getting a blank white screen and can’t log in.

    AIO & Firewall was my 2nd choice, The only reason I chose Better WP Security over AIO & Firewall was because it’s been around longer and have decent reputation and because of the Hide Wp-admin which separated it from all the other security plugins out there; unfortunately, I’m going have to give up this feature just for a more stable security plugin I hope that doesn’t break my site.



    Better WP Security often breaks websites, it ever broke my sites 3 times. One of the times, I was unable to repair it, which ended with restoring from my backup. But after everything has configured properly, it works without problem. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been blocked from the login. Have your issue solved?

    All In One WP Security & Firewall, is my 2nd choice too. I only use it in one of my real site. It’s still buggy, even the latest version. I’m still doubt to use it on my other sites.

    I’m having an issue which 2 of my other plugins do not working correctly. I’ve tried anything I can, after almost a week, now I know the culprit is this All In One WP Security and Firewall. My issue may be not a problem for others, but it’s make me to reconsider, not to use this plugin on my other sites. Who know, what ‘surprises’ still hidden inside this plugin. I will submit the bug report later, hope the developer team will fix it soon.

    If you’re going to use this plugin, you should test it thoroughly.

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